Technology Automation for Security

As cybersecurity incidents continue to increase in both complexity and frequency, businesses of every size in every industry recognize the need for stronger defense strategies. Cybersecurity incidents will wreak havoc on these underprepared locations and have the potential of damaging their organization’s reputation.

IT automation can help retailers and hospitality organizations remain a step ahead of potential security breaches. Automation technology provides the ideal solution because it’s both affordable and scalable. Security is managed and maintained at the central location and all updates are automatically pushed out to all remote locations; giving you greater control of your security posture.  Not only do you have greater security integrity and defense, but you also have a much faster time to recovery in the event of a breach.

This is opposed to the legacy approach to security where controls and configurations are entirely maintained at the local system level.  When this is done, it is easy to have a situation where individual security controls are either misconfigured or not operating.  A single failed control can lead to a compromise.   Central management and monitoring of an integrated set of security controls is the answer to this problem and is part of the DevSecOps approach that is inherent to Reliant Platform.

PCI compliance is a dynamic part of the retailing landscape, with new threats often emerging, particularly with the growth of mobile shopping apps and payment technologies. Each of these threats requires a common approach to logging, breach detection, encryption, and monitoring. By eliminating the need for complex integration of multiple network products, Reliant Platform substantially reduces the cost of PCI remediation while addressing all 12 PCI DSS technical requirements.

The architecture of the Reliant Platform relies on applications being delivered in containers that are managed centrally. All applications are hosted either as a single physical or a redundant pair of containers, for enhanced fault-tolerance. Application configurations are managed centrally by intelligent agents, and network configuration and security controls are also centrally managed. Installation of new applications, updates, and patches are centrally managed through the cloud. This level of automation ensures enhanced security at the local level through central management and monitoring.

Reliant Platform has the capability to integrate seamlessly with existing monitoring systems, programs, and applications, thereby extending and improving the level of defense against potential cyber-attacks.

Technology automation can bridge the gap, strengthen the line of defense and help mitigate damages in the event of a breach.