Technology Automation for Savings

Automation is redefining how work gets done.

Reliant’s solution and services focus on technology automation in order to improve system reliability, security, and to save money. With our approach, retailers and restaurant owners are able to use automation as a better way to deliver applications and support the complex technologies found in the modern store.

Cost savings are gained through a reduced total cost of ownership through physical hardware consolidation, lower person-hours required for installation and support, and greater reliability with faster mean time to recover (MTTR) in the event of an outage. With rich media, customer engagement, kiosks, self-checkout, IoT applications, mobility, and enhanced payment systems, there is more technology in stores today than ever before.

Reliant Platform provides a solution that can allow multiple individual systems be deployed on a single physical system reducing the total required hardware footprint. Individual applications which typically run on dedicated systems can be containerized and virtualized to run on powerful but small-form-factor multicore systems eliminating individual servers and appliances.

Additional networking functionality, in the form of SD-WAN applications, local network virtualization, and network applications can be run on the same system. Security controls can be embedded within this platform as well, eliminating dedicated security appliances.
The net savings in hardware is clear and measurable, but there are also savings in reduced operating systems licensing, the power required to run multiple boxes, and space needed for physical systems. In addition, automation allows for these systems to be managed, monitored, configured, and controlled centrally. This reduces the total person-hours required for system and application installation, updates, changes, and overall support.

Automation means individual applications can centrally and automatically be installed and updated, eliminating the typical site-by-site remote access driven store model. The Platform also brings greater reliability and faster MTTR, which means more uptime and less business disruption due to outages. Fewer outages reduce support requirements and person-hours needed to return systems to service in addition to avoiding lost transactions due to system non-availability.

The value of Reliant Platform is that it consolidates network, security, infrastructure, and application functions into a virtualized platform that bridges the gap between the cloud and the store. Automation and system consolidation means more real fault tolerance as less hands-on-deck are required to support and maintain disparate back-office systems.

The CapEx and OpEx savings realized through automation vary greater from one organization to another. What is clear though is the DevOps based approach of strong central management, monitoring, containerization, convergence and agile application delivery is key to operating in-store systems at webscale. This can be directly applied to today’s retail and hospitality environments to realize real savings and operational efficiency.