Security & Automation

We live in an age of immense technological progress in which mobile, cloud, Big Data, and IoT have made amazing inroads into creating new customer experiences and allowing organizations to run more seamlessly. While new technologies have created new ways to conduct business, ubiquitous connectivity has led to a rampant rise in cybercrime. As hackers have become more sophisticated, retailers have had to also become extra vigilant around security and compliance.

At Reliant, we realize that today’s busy retailers require a new approach to keeping their infrastructures secure and compliant in line with the latest PCI DSS requirements.  We recommend beginning with a holistic DevOps strategy that recognizes Security as an integral part of the whole application development lifecycle, including everything from version control to continuous integration to deployment and monitoring.

DevOps is all about automation and it ensures that retailers today can quickly and seamlessly manage customer expectations that are higher than ever. This means the ability to rapidly build, test, and deploy the next generation of mobile, agile, and customer engaging applications that are secure against the latest cybercriminal attacks.

At Reliant, the integration of DevOps and Security is the core of what we do. Our Reliant Platform is a central cloud managed, in-store platform that uses virtualization and a web-scale DevOps infrastructure to automate delivery and management of applications, networking, and security controls either in-store or in the cloud. Leveraging the latest DevSecOps approach is, in fact, precisely what allows Reliant Platform to more effectively deliver immersive rich-media experiences and support agile delivery in a manner that is safe and secure throughout the whole application lifecycle.

Key Benefits of Security & Automation

DevSecOps Best Practices Direct Outcomes

“Shift Left” Approach to Security


Security controls implemented from the beginning of the development lifecycle, not tacked on at the end

Holistic approach ensures controls applied strategically throughout the entire system

 Audit Ready Environment

Automated monitoring provides instant feedback that controls are in place and operating efficiently

One-click compliance reporting provides traceability of all code changes

Infrastructure as Code


Much easier and cost effective to spin up new infrastructure in compliant environment

Consistent application means that security can be applied everywhere it is required

Automation keeps controls running and restarts any stopped components

Test & Policy Driven Development


Security requirements met out of the gate with continuous configuration and policy checks

Automation includes data collection and analysis so surveillance controls can report back to a central data warehouse

Automation creates the opportunity for agile application delivery.  This approach can be applied equally well to PCI, through a DevOps framework that improves effective security, increases reliability, and lowers overall total cost of ownership.