What does Reliant do?

Founded in 2005, Reliant provides retail and hospitality chains with a secure, cost-effective and central cloud managed solution to automate delivery and management of applications, networking, and security controls either in-store or in the cloud. Reliant Platform uses virtualization and a web-scale devops infrastructure to do this.

Our patented Reliant Platform enables merchants to better deploy and manage applications, networks, and security controls at each location. The Reliant Platform offers:

  • A centrally managed solution
  • Comprehensive network security
  • Greater levels of reliability
  • An impressive return on investment

In addition to Reliant Platform, we offer professional services: Payment Strategy & Design, PCI Security & Compliance, and using devops to automate your technology environment.

Our clients include many of the world’s foremost global retail brands in the specialty retail, luxury, restaurant and convenience store industries.

Reliant’s management team consists of leaders in the fields of networking, PCI compliance, POS and payment technology. Reliant has offices in New York City, Tallahassee, FL and a development center in Brazil.

What is the Reliant Platform?

Reliant Platform is a patented retail systems platform for merchants with distributed retail locations. Reliant Platform uses virtualization and a web-scale devops infrastructure to automate delivery and management of applications, networking, and security controls either in-store or in the cloud.

This includes a number of key pieces of software infrastructure including a core agent based configuration management system that controls the configuration of both the Platform and hosted applications. Reliant Platform cost-effectively delivers VoIP, Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosk, DVR, Guest Wi-Fi, Payment Applications, Music and more from one central cloud managed solution. Reliant Platform configurations and software updates are managed centrally from the corporate office through Reliant Platform Manager.

What services does Reliant provide?
We provide our customers with professional services and managed services that focus exclusively on the needs of retail and hospitality. Our professional services offer expertise and implementation services around applications, payments, PCI security, and converged and web-scale infrastructure. Our managed services are designed to support our customer’s applications and infrastructure 24×7.
Who are Reliant’s Customers
Reliant has deployed its Platform in more than 10,000 physical store and restaurant locations. We count a number of leading specialty, c-store, luxury, apparel, and big-box retailers as our customers, along with several well-known restaurant and hospitality brands. Customer references are available upon request.
What can I do with Reliant Platform?

If you are a chain retailer or restaurant operator, Reliant Platform can be used to automate technology delivery in both your brick & mortar locations as well as in the cloud. This can include network functionality, security controls, and application delivery. Reliant Platform’s virtualization layer provides the ability to support both Windows and Linux applications on a single system with the additional ability to run individual applications within their own, secure containers.

System deployment and management is performed at web-scale providing the ability to centrally manage your environment across hundreds or thousands of locations. Physical store locations become “cloud managed” and legacy applications can be better integrated into a more modern go-forward architecture. Your entire retail or restaurant environment will become more agile, reliable, and secure – all with a lower total cost of ownership.

How is the Reliant Platform deployed?

Reliant has developed a remote installation model for the in-store platform. The in-store platforms are shipped pre-configured for “Plug and Play” operation. Once the in-store platform is connected to the store network, whether it be MPLS, broadband, VSAT, WWAN or 4G, Reliant PLatform communicates with the Cloud and its configuration is automatically updated.

How is the Reliant Platform managed?

Reliant provides a cloud based web management system that allows in-store Platforms to be managed remotely and securely at scale. Each Reliant customer maintains its own dedicated configuration server which can be deployed at your data center, at your cloud provider, or in our PCI compliant secure cloud environment.

Our remote monitoring system provides alerts on a wide variety of system health, configuration and performance status events. The same tools that enable Reliant’s low-cost remote deployment model can be used to improve efficiency of ongoing system management.

How does Reliant provide support for its Reliant In-Store Platform installations?
Reliant maintains a help desk to provide support to its customers. Support tickets can be opened online or over the phone. Additionally, Reliant can provide ongoing compliance support for its customers including system monitoring, upgrades and configuration changes on a consultative basis.
What data-security features and controls does the Reliant Platform provide?

Reliant Platform comprehensively addresses each of the PCI Requirements to ensure that merchants are audit-ready. Reliant Platform comprehensively addresses each of the PCI Requirements to ensure that merchants are audit-ready. Data-security features include:

  • Firewall
  • Logging
  • Segmentation
  • Wireless Security
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Systems Integrity
  • Access Control
  • VPN
  • Compliance Management
Why is Reliant Platform a cost effective way to deliver in-store or in-restaurant applications?
Automation of technology delivery with a containerized, virtualized platform allows for more applications to be deployed to fewer physical pieces of hardware with significantly lower support costs. Reliability and security are also significantly improved with Reliant Platform. This has a net result in both lower CapEx and OpEx costs. Reliant’s customers have reported savings in CapEx as much as 20% over alternate approaches with OpEx savings of as much as 35%.

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