How It Works

Reliant Platform uses virtualization and a web-scale DevOps infrastructure to automate delivery and management of applications, networking, and security controls either in-store or in the cloud. This includes a number of key pieces of software infrastructure including a core agent based configuration management system that controls the configuration of both the Platform and hosted applications.

Applications are delivered in either containers or in hosted virtual machines, which can be either Windows or Linux. The entire configuration is managed centrally. This is a departure from how legacy client/server systems are typically configured and managed in-store. In legacy systems, configurations are maintained on each individual system. In addition, applications are typically all housed together on individual servers with multiple physical systems required to make a store function.

With the Reliant Platform, systems can be consolidated into multiple virtual machines and lightweight containers all hosted on either a single physical or a redundant pair, for enhanced fault-tolerance. Individual application configurations are templated, variablized, and managed centrally by intelligent agents deployed on each VM or container. The overall network configuration and security controls are also centrally managed. Application and system orchestration, including installation, updates, patches are similarly centrally managed through the cloud. This level of automation is what allows the largest web-scale companies to deploy tens to hundreds of thousands of systems. Reliant brings the same next-generation approach to store and hospitality systems.

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