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New POS Architectures & Reliant

Anyone who works with Point Of Sale (POS), mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) or customer facing retail-based applications is aware of the significant changes that have been happening over the last decade; with major vendors, the core application stack, functionality and...

GDPR and US Retail

Next month the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in Europe. While practices there are beginning to develop, we have nothing even close to this in the US and most American retailers still take limited steps to protect customer data.

Impressions from Shoptalk 2018

ShopTalk is a relatively new technology conference for retail and is growing very fast to be probably one of the most important retail IT events on the calendar. ShopTalk’s focus is on innovation and challenges in retail – both online and brick & mortar. Many participants are aware of change and are willing to transform. Reliant is about providing a platform for making this possible.

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