May 4, 2020

As we enter what is approximately the sixth week of social distancing and widespread closures of stores and restaurants, Reliant, along with our customers, partners, and the community as a whole is looking forward to a return to normalcy.  Beginning last week we began to see some of our customers re-open stores in States where it was both permissible and safe.  This was good to see, but we believe that business as usual is still a way off.  Reliant has been very active in working with our customers to adjust systems, particularly around payment, point-of-service, and security to accommodate new practices appropriate for safe shopping.  This includes online ordering with curbside pickup, rapid implementation of contactless payment, and new mobility solutions to allow both customers and store staff to better serve clients while maintaining appropriate precautions.  We have been prioritizing this, and related work, so our clients can realize revenue even with COVID-19 related restrictions still in place.

As for our team, we are pleased to report we have avoided major layoffs and have worked to keep customer service, engineering, and product development at the levels they were before COVID-19’s impact.  Although we have not yet fully re-opened any of our offices, we have maintained a minimum necessary staffing level in Tallahassee, while our teams in New York and Brazil have continued to work remotely.  We have started preparing for the reopening of all of our offices when conditions permit.

The impact of COVID-19 can not be overstated.  It has taken a toll on everyone within the Reliant family.   We appreciate everything the retail and hospitality community has done to pull together to get through this, and, most of all, give thanks to the healthcare workers and first responders who have helped so many.  Please continue to stay safe and we’ll see you in person on the other side.