The Evolution of Reliant

by | Jan 3, 2018

In 2018 we will be introducing a number of new product features and several exciting service offerings. Most immediately though, we’ve changed our message to the retail and hospitality industry. You’re seeing it in this new website that launched in early January.

First, a brief history of Reliant

Initially, Redbox was built as a hardware device to host functions such as security, networking, and hosting applications on a single system. At the time, this was both very innovative and solved a number of key problems facing the merchant community. The first Redbox was installed in 2007 and it was a system that delivered comprehensive PCI compliance in much more affordable, easier to operate solution than available anywhere else. In 2011, our second-generation product added highly functional network capability creating a converged infrastructure solution that brought security, networking, and hosting of applications together, through virtualization, into a single system. Since then, the technology market has moved beyond converged infrastructure to concepts like hyper-convergence and cloud services and we have continued to evolve as well.

Now our 3rd generation Reliant Platform is a central cloud-managed, in-store platform that is being used for application delivery and management. The changes to our system have been driven by you. Most often, client requests have led us to add features/functionality and develop new use cases for the solution.

Today, Reliant provides the convergence of functions, with the added benefit of automation of their delivery and management. In several recent deployments, the use of automation that allows application management at scale was considered of paramount value to the client.

What does automation mean to you?

You are being pushed to be more agile – to deliver more applications faster and more reliably than ever before and automation is the key to accomplishing this. Automation has been a core component of Reliant’s product for a long time.

Automation of technology is of critical importance to retailers and restaurant operators that are being asked to deliver increased functionality to their customers. By leveraging delivery automation, you receive a reliable, cost-efficient technology environment for an engaged customer experience with:

  • Media-rich content
  • Pervasive connection
  • Omnichannel ready

Looking toward the future

As Reliant has evolved, so must the way we talk about our business. Our message to the industry is:

  • Reliant automates technology. Our Platform transforms existing infrastructure and how applications are delivered; reducing costs, improving security, and increasing reliability.
  • Redbox Reimagined: Our automation will continue to focus on PCI security, networking, and application delivery; but as we extend what we do to the cloud, we will be dropping the product name Redbox. Instead, we will be calling our solution Reliant Platform and the hardware component at stores and restaurants will be known as the Reliant In-Store Platform

We’re proud of our accomplishments in 2017 and Reliant continues to grow. There are over 10,000 locations running on the Reliant Platform, either via the cloud or on legacy Redbox’s. Our future is bright and we welcome your input on our mutual journey.

Wishing you success in 2018. We look forward to your comments on our new look and message for the marketplace.