Patent Directed to Integrated Security Controls for PCI DSS, Compliance Management Framework and Reliant’s Unique Virtualized System Architecture.

New York, NY, September 4, 2012 – Reliant announced today the issuance by the United States Patent & Trademark Office of U.S. Patent 8,261,342, which covers the foundation of Reliant’s Redbox Platform Technology.  The patent is entitled “Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant Architecture and Associated Methodology of Managing A Service Infrastructure.”

“We are pleased that the US Patent Office has recognized the innovative nature of our technology with the issuance of this first patent of our Redbox Platform portfolio,” said Mark Weiner, Managing Partner of Reliant.  “It is an affirmation of Reliant’s leadership in cloud-based security infrastructure that provides our employees, stockholders, partners and customers security in the value of our intellectual property,” he said.

The patent covers Reliant’s integrated system to ensure compliance with data security standards for retail merchants with a comprehensive and integrated set of controls.   The patent further covers integration of the solution with backend systems to manage data security events, monitor compliance performance in real-time and automate scheduled compliance tasks.

Richard Newman, Managing Partner of Reliant, said “Retail IT organizations are challenged to offer an increasing array of digital technologies that improve customer experience and store operations.  Redbox Platform enables application delivery in a simple and cost-effective manner.”  Newman added, “As the market for geographically distributed private cloud technology gains momentum, Reliant continues to extend its product line, improving both the depth of functionality provided as well as our ability to manage individual components to address emerging needs for this technology.”

About Reliant Info Security, Inc.

Reliant transforms IT’s approach to delivering and supporting store systems, by allowing retailers to create an in-store private cloud. This allows a wide range of application, systems and network configurations to be centrally delivered, managed and maintained, reducing ongoing support costs and eliminating the need for equipment to otherwise run each application. This highly flexible and secure architecture in turn enables retail executives to keep pace with 21st century customer-engaging applications.