Technology Automation

Take the path to more efficient, secure, reliable and cost-efficient operations.

Through automation, Reliant transforms retail and hospitality environments.

How it Works

Reliant Platform uses virtualization and a web-scale infrastructure to automate delivery and management of applications, networking, and security controls either in-store or in the cloud. It scales with your business.

Automation for Retail and Hospitality

The Reliant In-Store Platform is a better way to deploy and manage applications, networks, and security controls at the store or restaurant.

Our services ensure that critical systems are optimally designed, implemented, and supported. By automating the management of your technology and transforming the way applications and infrastructure are delivered you’ll reduce costs, improve security, and increase reliability.

The Reliant Platform empowers businesses to scale without adding complexity or taxing the IT team.

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The Evolution of Reliant

In 2018 we will be introducing a number of new product features and several exciting service offerings. Most immediately though, we’ve changed our message to the retail and hospitality industry.

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Security & Automation go hand in hand.

Over 10,000 sites Deployed


Over 35% Reduction in OpEx


20% or More Reduction in CapEx

Faster Mean Time To Recover